"The Carters are selling some killer instruments" -- Timm Kummer, Facebook, 4/6/13

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Tuesday May 6, Helen Highwater String Band
.....Saturday, May 17, Off the Wall with Chris Scruggs

loars Multi-instrumentalist Joey McKenzie joined our four Loar-signed F-5s and our Loar H-5 mandolin in celebrating the 91st birthday of our Apr. 12, 1923 mandolin. (Our two '27 ferns also got into the photo.) Check them out, along with a Clark, BRW, Weber Black Ice, Ellis F and Henderson F on the CVG MANDOLIN PAGE.

grismans youtube Check out Guthrie Trapp on our National Style 1 tri-cone, and don't miss our favorite new duo, David and Tracy Grisman, playing "See You in My Dreams." 100+ videos from more than 40 great musicians. Go directly to the Carter Vintage YouTube Channel or check our video listings by artist and instrument.

Our friend Scott Tichenor stopped in for a visit a few weeks ago. Check out his vacation pics and story on mandolincafe.com.

Our Duesenberg Starplayer found a happy new home with our friend Natalie Noone, but we have hundreds more guitars inside. Just look for the big guitar on our outside wall (painted by the fine artists at Vermillion Murals). We have a full-line repair department. And we do appraisals. email Christie or email Walter. Click here for a list of instruments that are not yet on our feature pages.
walter and
                          christie jetterMarshalls from '68 (plexi), '69 and '87 plus a 30th Anniversary 6100 and a 35th Anniversary Bluesbreaker. And if Fenders are your cup of tea, check out our '59 tweed Deluxe and our red sparkle Blues Jr. III... all on the CVG AMPS AND EFFECTS PAGE. Plus Jetter pedals and OX4 pickups.

towerA '57 Strat, a '57 Les Paul Custom, a lefty ES-335, and a couple of cool single-pickup Gretsches... all new on the CVG ELECTRIC PAGE. And not to be missed... artist James Willis' stunning Les Paul tribute to the iconic water towers of New York City.

henderson Bryan Sutton's 1943 D-28 (sold), an ebony McPherson, a Franklin, a Morgan, a Guild 12, a Rockbridge D18, a koa Taylor... all new on the CVG ACOUSTIC PAGE. Coming... the first Duff L-5 guitar, check out the progress.

beard The Beard E has found a new home, but two Dobros have arrived, along with the Beard Jerry Douglas, an Emmons S-10 and a 3-neck Stringmaster, all on our page for UKES, TIPLES and HAWAIIANS.

theearl THE EARL... the ultimate Scruggs banjo is SOLD. But don't miss our original RB-7, prewar RB-75, and archtop TB-3, all on the CVG BANJO PAGE.

custom logo The GREG MARTIN Collectors Choice is sold, but we have an L-5CES and a killer-top 2014-spec R9 from Gibson's Custom Shop. Please call or email for beautiful pics and great pricing.

                          playingStephen Gilchrist is carving the tops for his next batch of mandolins and guitars, scheduled for delivery this fall. If you'd like to order a Gilchrist, please call or email for info and pricing details.
gil picks Gilchrist picks - the next best thing to a Gilchrist mandolin.

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